The Final Good Bye

As you already know we called it a day but we will not go without saying good bye. Save these date for the last dance!

*Off The Hook

*Code Blue Coma (last show ever)

*Fast Shit




50% Sale Right Now

Everything comes to an end and so it is the way with Anchored Records. We will call it a day by the end of the year. But before we have to get rid of all this records and stuff. Therefore we cut the prices and you get 50% off. Just use the discount code 'Everything comes to an end' at the checkout form and treat yourself.



Hunted Like Thieves Full EP Stream online now

Full EP stream online now.

This EP will be out on August 24th. Don't sleep on it.





50% Off On Every Anchored Records Release

Hey folks,
a crazy sale is going on @ www.anchoredrecords.de right now. Save 50% on every Anchored Records-Release!!!!!!!! Sounds ridiculous but it's real.
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Black Cat Tapes Releases Available Online From Anchored Records

Hi Hi,

we joined forces with Black Cat Tapes. As of now all Black Cat-releases will be available at the Anchored Records online store. For further information check:




Fast Shit Debut 7" Out Now!!!

The debut EP from the Punx straight outta Sankt Pauli is available from now on.

Check out the song 'Dark Night' on youtube.


Code Blue Coma 'Vs. Goliath' 7" Out Now!!!!!


Brand new Code Blue Coma video online


Code Blue Coma's upcoming EP 'vs. Goliath' is up for pre-order

Hey folks,

the latest stunner of Code Blue Coma is up for pre-order. It's a four track EP called 'vs. Goliath'. Limited to 200 copies (50 on green wax - only available through pre-order - 150 on black wax).

Be quick and get yours right here: http://www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/pre-order


Check out the video of 'Fail To Feel', which is featured on the record right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LNcHHhq4GU&feature=youtu.be



New Anchored Records Beanies available

Available in black, burgundy and grey.
Check www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/beanies
Although it doesn't feel like real winter right now you should better keep your heads warm.



96 'Future Trippin' EP out now

2016 starts with a stunner!!!
The brandnew 7" EP 'Future Trippin' by North Jersey's finest, 96, is out now.

Stream the EP right here:



Second Press of Light Your Anchor's Debut EP 'Peter Pan Syndrome' Available Now!!!!

Second press of the debut EP  'Peter Pan Syndrome' of Light Your Anchor.
Since the first press is sold out for a long time we decided to re-release this record. It's available now in black and white wax, limited to each 100 copies.


96 - 'Future Trippin' EP release postponed

Hey folks.
The pressing plant just informed us, that the 96
7 Inches could not be delivered till the release date. In fact they couldn´t even tell us a roughly date when they will arrive. We are really sorry for all of you who preordered the EP but that's completely out of our hands.

All we can do now is to be patient and hope to get our hands on them as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated.


96 'Future Trippin' Preorder Up Now!!!!!

Available in two juicy colors.

Get yours @ http://www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/preorder


2nd Press Of Off The Hook's Debut EP 'Picture Of Yourself' Available Now!!!!!

Missing this songs?? Actually we did, so we decided to repress this record in a new color way. The downloadcode features a previously unreleased track from the Pricture Of Yourself recording session.



Anchored Records headquarters moved to new address

Our new address:

Anchored Records
c/o Jakob Graul

Hütten 82

20355 Hamburg




Entitled - Confessions Of Today out now!!!

It took a bit of time but finally the 'Confessions Of Today' EP by Entitled is out now. It's available in black and blue vinyl.


Entitled 'Confessions Of Today' 7" has been delayed

The vinyl release of Entitled's 7" 'Cofessions Of Today' has been delayed. We apologize for the delay and hope to get our hands on them as soon as possible. Meanwhile the digital release is out through Acuity.Music!


Off The Hook - The Mess Inside out now!!! Entitled - Confessions Of Today preorder is up!!

Got your copy of this stunning 7" right here:

Listen to EP-teaser here:


Off The Hook - 'The Mess Inside' 7" Preorder is up!!!!!

Available on dark red and black wax. We also offer several juicy bundles, take advantage here!


Listen to the title track right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GR_xo2GDas


Vengeance Today 'Rest In Piss' 7" finally available!


Vengeance Today 'Rest In Piss' release postponed

Unfortunately we have to postpone the release of this record due to unpredictable problems in the pressing plant. We are really sorry for all of you who preordered the EP and hope to get our hands on those within the end of May.


Vengeance Today 'Rest In Piss' 7" Preorder is up!!!!

Limited to 100x Clear Blue and another 100x White Vinyl! Besides that, we also have a really cheap shirt bundle for only 12€! Both vinyl colors are also only 8€, take advantage here!



Anchored Records headquarters moved to new address

Our new address:

Anchored Records

c/o Jakob Graul

Kampstrasse 23

20357 Hamburg



New EP's by both, Vengenace Today and Off The Hook, likely out in spring 2015.

We are glad to announce two great releases on Anchored Records.

Vengeance Today's stunner will be named "Rest In Piss". It's gonna be a collabo of Beyond Hope Records, SubZine Records, 5FeetUnder Records, Epidemic Records and us.

Even though the guys of Off The Hook's finished their recordings, they are still in a search a name for their upcoming EP.
Stay tuned.



Use discount code and save money on every order throughout December


Remover debut EP out now!

The debut EP "Dead To Me" by Remover is out now on colored wax and available at our online-store. Make sure to check this one out!



Say Hello to Remover....

....they signed with Anchored Records. Go and check out the preorder of their debut EP @ http://www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/preorder/



Code Blue Coma - Triumph Of Time / Corruption Of The Body 12" EP out now

Boys and girls, we finally got them! The debut vinyl of Code Blue Coma. Get one of this beauties now!
Preorders will be shipped within this week.



Blowfuse - "Into The Spiral" album out now

Finally the first vinyl-release ever of these Punx from Barcelona is available. Head over to http://www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/vinyl and get yours right now.



Code Blue Coma and Blowfuse preorder up now

Head over to www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/preorder and check the various preorders.

Make sure to be quick, only small qauntities in stock.



Code Blue Coma and Blowfuse signed with Anchored Records

Good news on a Sunday.

We are going to release the debut EP "Triumph Of Time / Corruption Of The Body" by Code Blue Coma on juicy vinyl soon.
But there's more to come.
We are going to co-release the album "Into The Spiral" by Blowfuse, too. 
Hell yeah!!!!



Off The Hook/Contrasts South East European Tour kick-off on Friday Vengeance Today Western Europe Tour kick-off on Friday, too!!


"Vicious Cycle" regular press by Reapers Path finally available

Head over to our online store to get the brand new and long-awaited regular press of Reapers Path debut EP "Vicious Cycle".



Use discount code and save money on every order throughout February

Reapers Path "Vicious Cycle" 7" expected by the end of the month

Due to diffiulties in the printery the regular-press covers will arrive later than expected but it seems we will get our hands on it by the end of the month. Sorry for the delay.



Merry XXX-Mas!

Hope all of you have a merry Christmas! We are on holiday till January, 2nd 2014 and won't process any orders during this time. Happy Holidays!!



My Turn "Dead Weight" 7" EP out now

The brandnew 7" "Dead Weight" by My Turn from Athens, Greece is available at our store from now on. We are proud to collaborate with our good friends in My Turn!! This is the first Anchored Records release of a band from Grecce, the eighth of  the year and the last one in 2013!!



Reapers Path - Vicious Cylce 7" EP pre-order online

The pre-order of these upcoming release is available at Evil Greed now. Click the follwing link to get to the several offers:






First run of beanies sold out

Wow, things started up to happen fast. Since the first run of beanies was sold out in just four days, new beanies will be made very soon, Keep your eyes open cause winter is drawing in.



My Turn signed with Anchored Records // Reapers Path debut out in December

Great news hailing out of Anchored Records headquarters. My Turn from Athens, Greece are going to release their upcoming four track 7" EP through Anchored Records. We are very pleased to collaborate with our good friends and become a part of this release. These record will be co-released by Scarecow Records.

Furthermore we are going to co-release the debut EP of Reapers Path in collaboration with Powertrip Records. Getting the chance to support a band from Hamburg area - Anchored Records hometown - feels really good.




Contrasts 7" EP out now

Yes! Long awaited and finally it's done! The Contrasts' debut 7" called "Every Second / Every Minute / Every Hour" is out now and available at our online store!
We apologize for a world too long latency and thank you once again for your patience!!

The preorders will be shipped within the next days.



xMOMOx debut EP out now

The three track debut 7" EP of these upcoming Vegan Straight Edge band from Germany is available at our store from now on.



Grim Goat "Fear Keeps Us Small" 12" EP out now

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most attractive records we ever have released. But not only that it looks good, this five track 12" EP is a musical stunner, too. Grab it at our store!


Contrasts EP out likely on November 1st

Good news: Finally the Contrasts "Every Second / Every Minute / Every Hour" EPs arrived and sound tremendous!!!

Bad news: The covers are still in production due to confusion at the presing plant. We expcet to get our hands on them on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

That means every pre-order will be shipped around November 1st. Once again thanxxx for your huge patience!



Grim Goat signed with Anchored Records for upcoming 12" EP

Hey folks.


We are glad to announce that Grim Goat has signed with Anchored Records and we will co-release (in collaboration with Berrymore & Flare from Switzerland) their upcoming EP "Fear Keeps Us Small" as an one-sided 12" vinyl in transparent red with black smoke and spray-painted b-side, limited to 300!!!!!


Expect this masterpiece on October 27th.




We are on vacation in the time interval of September 28th till October 13th. Contrast 7" EP expected October 14th.

Although the store will be online, we won't process any orders during this interval.

We recived the confirmation of arrival of the Contrasts - "Every Second / Every Minute / Every Hour" 7" EP for Monday, October 14th. Under reserve we are going to ship the preorders around this date. Furthermore the preoder will be up till October 14th.

See you in October ;)



Release of Contrasts 7" EP postponed due to difficulties at the pressing plant.

Bad news, this morning.
The pressing plant just informed us, that the Contrasts
7 Inches could not be delivered till the release date. In fact they couldn´t even tell us a roughly date when they will arrive. We are really sorry for all of you who preordered the EP but that's completely out of our hands.

All we can do now is to be patient and hope to get our hands on them as soon as possible.



xMOMOx signed with Anchored Records

The four piece vegan straight edge band from Saalfeld-area, Germany signed with Anchored Records. We are glad to announce that we will co-release their upcoming 7" EP "Stop Time And Breakout" in collaboration with Defiant Heart Records. The EP is scheduled for late October. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open.



Contrasts 7" EP "Every Second / Every Minute / Every Hour" - preorder available

The preorder of Munich based Hardcore outfit Contrasts is available at out store from now on. Check out the preorder-section: www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/preorder


Furthermore you can stream the complete EP on bandcamp, including one bonus song.





We cut the prices of several items. Check out the SALE-section at www.anchoredrecords.de/shop/sale !!!!!
Since we will cut the prices of more items within the next weeks, you should check this section continuously.



Reapers Path and Contrasts debut 7" out in September

We are happy to announce two upcoming releases on Anchored Records. 

We will release the debut 7" EP's of Reapers Path from Kiel (in in collaboration with Power Trip Records from Leipzig) and CONTRASTS from Munich.

Stay tuned for further information.



Cannoneer 12" EP "Abandon Hope" finally available on vinyl!

The EP is available in several vinyl colors.

Check the shop for further information.



Cannonner 12" EP "Abandon Hope" is available as digital release from now on, vinyl release postponed

The 12" EP "Abandon Hope" by Cannonner is available as digital release at itunes, amazon and bandcamp from now on.

The release of the vinyl is postponed due to difficulties at the pressing plant. Hopefully it will be released by the end of the week!




Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Split 7" out now!!!!!

Long-awaited and finally available, the Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Split 7" is out now and available at our our store. The record comes in red vinyl, is limited to 150 pieces and includes a download code. Both bands deliver four tracks which sounds like the foretaste of hell!

Preordes will be shipped within this week. Thanx for your patience!!!



Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Split 7" postponed.

Due to difficulties in the pressing plant the release of the Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Split 7" is delayed. If we have any news, we will let you know. Unfortunately, that's out of our reach. Preorders will be shipped as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.



Preorder of the upcoming Cannoneer 12" EP "Abandon Hope" is available now!

Preorder here: http://chapter13.bigcartel.com/



Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Spilt 7" preorder up now!

Back home from an amazing tour with our friends in Off The Hook we launched the preorder of the Ghostwriter/Abyss A.D. Split 7". It's available at our store from now on!



We won't process any orders during the time from March 22nd up to April 1st!!

The shop will be online at this time, but due to the reason that we accompany Off The Hook on their tour we won't be able to process any orders!


Note: We won't update the shop during this period. Maybe there are some items sold out after the tour.


But instead of wasting your time in front of your computer meet us at one of the following shows:


03-22-13 Saalfeld @Klubhaus

03-23-13 Zwiesel @Jugendcafe

03-24-13 Bad Aiblingen @ Bergwerk

03-25-13 Zürich (CH) @ Dynamo Werk 21

03-26-13 Herrenberg @ Jugendhaus

03-27-13 Cologne @ Sonic Ballroom

03-28-13 Recklinghausen @ AKZ

03-29-13 Hengelo (NL) @ Innocent

03-30-13 Kassel @ Secret Show

03-31-13 Potsdam @ Black Fleck




Ghostwriter / Abyss A.D. Split EP in May

Once more good news hailing out of ANR-headquarter. We are proud to announce the next fresh release on Anchored Records. Ghostwriter from Berlin and Munich's Abyss A.D. took the gloves off and recorded some really awesome tracks. This songs going to be released on a terrific 7 Inch record in May.

As if this wasn't enough both bands will hit the road in May to celebrate a huge release party with you!



Cannoneer signed Anchored Records

We proudly announce that Cannoneer from Fröndenberg, Germany have signed with Anchored Records. We are going to release their upcoming EP "Abandon Hope" in collaboration with Blackheart Inc. from Leipzig, Germany.


Stay tuned for upcoming pre order offers.



Off The Hook Debut Album Out Now!!!!!

We are proud to announce that the waiting come to an end. The debut full length record by one of Berlin's finest Hardcore outfits is available from now on!! These masterpiece is called "The Walk" and is available at our onlinestore, several mailorders or at the live shows of Off The Hook.


Btw: All preorders will be shipped out by no later than monday (Feb. 4th 2013). THANK YOU to all the guys who preorderd that record!!!



Vengeance Today Full Length Out Now!!!

Wow, what a day! The sixth Anchored Records Release is out and available from now  on. The Hardcore-Punk outfit Vengeance Today debut with their first full length album on Anchored Records. A must for everyone who is into Hardcore-Punk far away from Joe and Jane Lunchbucket!


Check it out and order it at our shop!



Confusion EP now available - exclusively distribution in Germany by Anchored Records

The 12" EP "Dogz" by Confusion is now available at our store. We fell deeply honored to distribute that record exclusively in Germany. We offer several different editions. All are strictly limited!! Don't sleep on this!



Off The Hook "The Walk" preorder up now!

Happy new year to all of you!

We start into the new year with a very hot preorder offer of Off The Hook's upcoming debut album "The Walk".

Check out the strictly limited preorder edition, which is only available through Anchored Records.


Don't sleep on this.



First song of the upcoming Off The Hook album "The Walk" online

Check out the first song of the upcoming debut album, called "The End".

The album will be released on February the 1st. Hot preorder offers will be available by the end of the year.

Stay tuned!





Anchored Records and Confusion collaboration

Good morning...

...we have great news for you. We are going to distribute the upcoming album "Dogz" of the french band CONFUSION exclusively in Germany. The record will be out in December. To shorten the waiting time check out the songs on bandcamp!




Stay tuned!



OFF THE HOOK - New album will be released on Anchored Records

This will be the first full length album by these guys. It will be called "The Walk" and hit the street in Febuary 2013. Pre-order-offers and releated stuff will be available soon.

We are happy and proud to continue the collaboration with our friends in Off The Hook.



Anchored Records and Project Print Fanzine proudly present!!


Summer-bundle-offers valid only until 7-10-12

Unfortunately even here isn't endless summer. Therefore our summer-bundle-offers are valid only until 07/10/2012. In order to grab one of the nearly sold-out packages check 

Don't sleep on this!



Vengeance Today have signed Anchored Records

We proudly announce that we gonna co-release the upcoming debut album of Vengeance Today from Chemnitz/Germany. The record will hit the street by the end of the year and will be called "Dude, You Just Ruined The Show."


Stay tuned!!!


Finally we got it done!!

Welcome to the brandnew homepage of Anchored Records.

You will find all news about previous and upcoming releases, bands and related stuff.


Thank you for visiting. Have fun.


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