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96 // Pic by 96
96 // Pic by 96

In a genre where loyalty and tradition mean everything, North Jersey’s Ninety Six
not only emulate those sentiments, but expands on them with a take on hardcore
that seems to of been lost in todays breakdown laden heavy music scene. With their
highly respected debut E.P.'s Blizzard and D.O.T.D under their belt, Ninety Six has
released their debut album Caught In The Grips in 2013 to a wave of immense prai-
se and recognition. Their music is laced with energetic, groove-laden riffs that pays
respect and homage to the way hardcore used to be done while staying original.
After touring Europe with Off The Hook in fall 2014, there could not have been a bet-
ter time to unveil their first release on vinyl.


CODE BLUE COMA // Pic by Code Blue Coma
CODE BLUE COMA // Pic by Code Blue Coma

Triumph of time / Corruption of the body

Every moment of human existence underlies the simplest law of nature. You’re born. You die. The time in between those two poles is not predefined in terms of length and how the individual is supposed to spend it. Oceans of opportunities. Millions of choices. Blessing for a few, curse for the most. Disoriented, dull minds drawn to mindless destruction. Giving themselves in to the temptations the illusionary thought of human supremacy creates. Subjugation. Violence - physical and psychological. Lethargy. Herd mentality. The social entity guided by force, deprived of originality and freewill.

Profound aversion for human approach to it’s environment, to life and to itself. Desperate for meaning. Grasping for creativity and enthusiasm in a uniformed, dreary world. The unsatiable hunger for something more than prefabricated standards expressed in words and sound. Vitality. Communication. Unbound energy. We are Code Blue Coma.


ENTITLED // Pic by Entitled
ENTITLED // Pic by Entitled

Entitled is back on track!
During the summer of 2014 they recorded their second EP "Confessions Of Today", which will be released in spring 2015 by Anchored Records in cooperation with Bad Mood Records.
The digital version will be pulled out by Acuity.Music which released also their first EP "Nothing Left To Say" at the beginning of 2013.
So far Entitled have shared the stage with bands like Bane, Risk It, Brutality Will Prevail, Powertrip, Fights&Fires, Billy The Kid, This Routine Is Hell, Native, Idle Class, Lions and many others. The band is ready to hit the road so as to promote their second record "Confessions Of Today" and of course to have some fun. Entitled describe their music as passionate melodic hardcore dealing with social issues, loss, love and hate.
Still angry, still loud
Still passionate, still proud
Entitled will release their second EP "Confessions Of Today" on Anchored Records, Bad Mood Records (vinyl) and Acuity.Music (digital).
It includes five energetic tracks about social issues, loss, love and hate. 
The music may appeal to fans of bands like Comeback Kid, Champion, Set It Straight or Another Year. 
In the song "Black Gold" guest-vocalist Neal Keating of the great band Frustration can be heard and appreciated.
The new EP was recorded during the summer of 2014 at Pit Stop Music Studio in St. Gallen, Switzerland. 
Tobias Hungerbühler took care of recording, editing and mixing.
Mastering has been done by Mark Mockler at Resonant Evil Studios in Dublin, Ireland.


HUNTED LIKE THIEVES // Pic by Hunted Like Thieves
HUNTED LIKE THIEVES // Pic by Hunted Like Thieves

Rising from the ashes of their previous bands, the 5-piece collective of HUNTED LIKE THIEVES out of Zürich, Switzerland, first got together in the summer of 2013. Whilst having their background mainly in the Hardcore and Punk scene, all the members wanted to move forward to create their very own, unique blend of melodic Hardcore. A common ground for evolving new tunes was laid quickly and the first shows were played a few months later. Since then, the band appeared regularly on stages throughout Switzerland and also played a handful of shows in Germany. HUNTED LIKE THIEVES is drawing from many influences and does not like to think in stereotypes, yet a common thread, consisting of raw energy, sheer emotions and lyrics which have as much a personal as a social-critical approach, can clearly be found when listening to their songs.


In late 2015, the band released their debut 11-song Album “Echoes” on the Swiss label “Berrymore and Flare”, which was a first important milestone in the bands journey and enabled them to play more and more shows, including support slots for bands such as Strung Out, Ignite or Madball.


In late summer 2017, HUNTED LIKE THIEVES sophomore release “Control”, a 4-track-EP, will see the light of day. The band drives their mixture of desperation, melody and heaviness – the main ingredients for their typical sound – one step further and shows how heartfelt melodic hardcore sounds in 2017. Lyrically, “Control” is dealing with the experiences one encounters when someone truly loved gets struck by destiny and loses control of oneself, of his actions, of his perceptions and most importantly of his mental health. Despite the sombre theme, “Control” encourages to keep looking ahead and never give in, even in the darkest hours. The record is rounded off with the cover-artwork by artist Christian Brix (Kidsartworks), who perfectly managed to capture the record’s dense, yet hopeful atmosphere. “Control” is being co-released by Anchored Records (Germany), Inhumano and Amistad Records (both Switzerland).


With the new record under their belt, HUNTED LIKE THIEVS can’t wait to hit the stage again and prove their status as a powerful, dedicated and passionate live-band.   


xMOMOx // Pic by xMomox
xMOMOx // Pic by xMomox

xMomox is a Hardcore-Band from Germany, founded in 2010 by some former members of xBreed Apartx. The first Show was played in 2011 by Stefan, Eule, Hans and Ulf. In January 2012 Stefan left the band and Rob filled in for the vocals. In July 2012 the first three song-EP was published on CD. In April 2013 Thomas became the new bass-player. In the same year the 7" EP named "Stop time and breakout" followed on Anchored Records and Defiant Heart Records. xMomox is spreading variously critical issues in their lyrics. All members of the band are vegan and straight edge. One of their favourite Hardcore Bands is Chokehold.


OFF THE HOOK // Pic by Max Threlfall
OFF THE HOOK // Pic by Max Threlfall

OFF THE HOOK is a hardcore-band from Berlin/Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and started off with the release of their first EP ''the best remains''. They play an aggressive style of hardcore without any „we´ll beat the shit out of you“ - attitude. In the current line-up (Marco – vocals, Chris – guitar, Raphi – guitar, Ensen – Bass, Steffen – drums) they went on a short wintertour
in December 2010 / January 2011 and released the 7'' ''picture of yourself'' in Juliy 2011 on anchored records from Hamburg, which was another step forward considering the development of their style and for the first time having the support of a label. In the summer of 2011 they toured Germany and East-Europe with Fire at will from France. Right now OFF THE HOOK are working on their first album which is planned to be released in late 2012. After that, they will hit the road again. Since they want to play as many shows as possible, feel free to contact them via ensen@horrorbiz.de, if you are interested in helping them out!


REMOVER is a hardcore punk outfit from Chemnitz, Germany. The band was founded in October 2012 by current members of Chemnitz's Straight Edge Hardcore Band VENGEANCE TODAY (ANCHORED RECORDS) and DIY Metal/Hardcore outfit GONE FOR BROKE. The Project turned out to be a good way to spend creative energy together to create something different from the other bands spirits due to a different line up on vocals and instruments. REMOVER combines heavy old school riffs with straight to the point social critical lyrics. The "Dead To Me" 7" is their debut release after a Digital Demo in 2013, out on Anchored Records this Summer.

Former Bands


ABYSS A.D. // Pic by Abyss A.D.
ABYSS A.D. // Pic by Abyss A.D.

"ABYSS A.D. from Munich play a brand of heavy metallic hardcore.
Formed in mid 2011 the band soon started spreading their message by playing shows all over Europe. 2011 saw also the release of their first output, a 4 track-demo tape (via Final Exit Records, available for free download on the bands bandcamp-page). After almost 2 years of playing plenty of shows, writing songs and constant developing and finding their style, they're back to put out not just one but two releases this May while appearing on several compilations. One of them being a split with Berlin-based band Ghostwriter which will contain 2 pieces of hell, written during last winter months which brought some line-up changes among others for the band. The frustration and anger captured in those songs paint an ugly yet honest picture of alienation from others and yourself by the challenges of growing older in this everchanging world.
ABYSS A.D. where born of a simple wish: to release the emotions that gnaw at their souls and boil inside. With a fundamental believe that “positive things can come from negative emotions” ABYSS A.D. tries to stay afloat with the weight of the world out of control on the shoulder."


BLOWFUSE // Pic by Blowfuse
BLOWFUSE // Pic by Blowfuse
“Nowadays, BLOWFUSE is one of the most known and active punk rock bands of their country, Spain”
Emerged on Barcelona, around 2008, being known as Godfarts, and re-named on 2013 as Blowfuse, they have released two studio albums, both on Fragment Records and EatingShit Records: Messed Up Minds (2010) and their brand new album "Into The Spiral" (2013), recorded, produced & mixed by Darian Rundall (Who produced also bands like Pennywise, TSOL, Suicidal Tendencies, U.S. Bombs, etc..).
Influenced by 80’s and 90’s punk rock waves and the skateboard lifestyle, Blowfuse crafts a style all its own, mixing the agressiveness of hardcore punk, the catchy melodies of 90’s punk rock, the powerful classic rock riffs, and their acid and paranoic lyrics.
They have toured with bands like Pennywise, 7seconds, and played all over Europe, Spain and Portugal several times, being more than two months on the road sometimes.
They've also played with bands such as The Adolescents, Face to Face, Authority Zero, A Wilhelm Scream, Youth Brigade, The Casualties, The Unseen and many others, and have played in festivals like Resurrection Fest 2013, sharing stage with Bad Religion, Millencolin, Biohazard, etc.
Being as young as they are, they are considered an icon in the skate punk culture in the country, living one of their best moments, working on new projects, touring, filming their peculiar videos... And of course, totally comitted to what they loved, and still love, music.


CANNONEER // Pic by Cannoneer
CANNONEER // Pic by Cannoneer

CANNONEER is a melodic hardcore five piece from in the mid-western area of Germany. Basically it's five friends from a small town called Fröndenberg, sticking together to share their love and passion for hardcore und punk music. The band was formed in late 2010 and since then has released their debut record "a blackening mind, an empty heart" now followed by their second EP "Abandon Hope".


CONTRASTS // Pic by Contrasts
CONTRASTS // Pic by Contrasts
CONTRASTS is a five piece hardcore band from Munich founded early 2012 by former members of Closeline and With Open Arms.After an early period of defining and refining their own style the band released a first demo tape in October 2012 followed by a 5 song debut EP called “every second, every minute, every hour” in September 2013 on Anchored Records.
While combining the true passion and ethical beliefs of the mid 90ies with the raw musical energy of the early 2000's era, the band disapproves any elitist "not for you" attitude in today’s narrow minded, fashion oriented and ignorant world. The fact that most of the members are already in their mid 30ies and therefore have taken different roles and responsibilities in the last two decades of the hardcore scene undeniably involves many various influences and additionally underlines the band’s musical and mental standpoint.
 Differences should never be stronger than similarities, we are CONTRASTS


Empty Handed // Pic by Empty Handed
Empty Handed // Pic by Empty Handed

EMPTY HANDED is a melodic hardcore band from Leipzig/Germany. Read what they say about themselves:

"We play emotional melodic hardcore and we just try to be honest to ourselves and to everyone around us."


GHOSTWRITER // pic by Fabian Willi Simon
GHOSTWRITER // pic by Fabian Willi Simon

GHOSTWRITER was founded in 2010. After releasing their first EP “Whys and Wherefores” in December 2010, Ghostwriter recorded the debut LP “Storms And Promises” in early 2012 and released it in May 2012. “Whys and Wherefores” already showed first steps in the direction of modern/melodic hardcore but in between the two releases a lot changed. Markus (bass) and Björn (guitar) joined the band and the new songs became more atmospheric during writing “Storms and Promises”. The 12” contains nine songs of modern/melodic hardcore with a dark character that still has its fresh and open moments because of fast hardcore/punk parts. Catchy melodies form an atmosphere that offers a good breeding ground for the emotional lyrics that deal with life falling apart and holding up your head within the worst times.

Ghostwriter love to play shows und to meet new people/friends: “for us it’s the most important thing to come along new places and to enjoy the time we spend on the road. When the crowd knows to appreciate our music and what we want to embody with it, it’s even more beautiful.” 


Ghostwriter is: Chris  - Guitar, Flo - Drums, Daniel - Vocals, Markus - Bass, Björn - Guitar


GRIM GOAT // Pic by Grim Goat
GRIM GOAT // Pic by Grim Goat

Grim Goat is a four man Hardcore combo from Münster, Germany. The young man found together to share their passion to the music they love and spread their message to the people. Grim Goat do some straight Hardcore, mixed with Punkrock melodies. This guys unchain their energy, with their farseeing lyrics and their own intoxicating sound.

Enjoy the little things, be positive, stay open minded and follow your heart are attitudes  that keeps the band  going on and on.

After the releases of their Demo “For Your Life”, the LP “Answers Follow From Questions” and loats of shows with national and international bands, they decided to enter the studio again to record some new tracks.  Now the EP “Fear Keeps Us Small” is finished and Grim Goat are ready to enter the stage.


LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR // Pic by Blitzkid Photography
LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR // Pic by Blitzkid Photography

LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR is a Melodic Hardcore Band outta
Hamburg/Germay founded in the end of 2011. It s basically the SXE members of Between Love and Madness starting a new projekt without making any compromises in sound and lyrics.
Seeing their music as a tribute to the oldschool melodic stuff they grew up with like Satanic Surfers, Belvedere, Have Heart etc., they created an unreversible sound. By mixing up their fast and technical style with hard breakdowns and screaming vocals, they released their first EP called „Peter Pan Syndrome“ on vinyl via Anchored Records. A special edition of their "Peter Pan Syndrome" EP has been relaesed digital in early 2012 by acuity music including 2 previously unknown tracks. For people who are in favour of CDs they will release their EP via Bruised & Broken Records in Summer 2012. All their hard work was worth it so they had the chance to share the stage with great Bands like H20, Parkway Drive, Evergreen Terrace, Stick To Your Guns and many more. After almost a year of touring Light your Anchor is now ready to hit the Studio to record their first full lenght.


MY TURN // Pic by My Turn
MY TURN // Pic by My Turn

Traveling around to play a show in the middle of nowhere with a shitty sound and a dubious feedback, reuniting with your old friends for a couple of hours, chilling out, meeting new people, spreading out ideas and music, eating junk and crashing at someone’s floor (that you may not know at all) at 4 o’clock in the morning, dirty and tired to death, waking up 6 hours later to start another trip to nowhere, shitfaced but positive…

That’s fucking hardcore / punk. That's MY TURN.

Active since the summer of 2010, MT have played more than 100 shows all over Europe in countries like Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and more, including some great festivals like Fluff and Sick As We Are, plus shows with bands like Negative Approach, GBH, Comeback Kid, English Dogs, No Turning Back, Strength Approach, Vitamin X and the likes.


Current members: M. - drums, A. - vocals, N. - bass, S. - guitar



Reapers Path is a Hardcore five-piece from Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. They deliver metallic hardcore with a stoner-rock edge. Back in 2011 Vocalist Niels and Bass-Player Timm founded the band. Lasse joined in for the drums and Olli joined to do the guitarwork. Everyone came out of very different kinds of music. The first demo was released in 2011 and after some shows RP released the Debut EP "Life Sick" diy on tape. Early 2013 Erki joined the band to add a second guitar. After more shows the band released their debut 7inch "Vicious Cycle" on Powertrip Records and Anchored Records late 2013. 



VENGEANCE TODAY is a four piece hc/punk outfit from Dresden-Chemnitz-Area, Germany.
Started playing shows and touring in 2008, lucky to see cities and met people all over Europe, wasted shitloads of time and gasoline on our ways there, but that's the thing that makes us happy.
Sometimes writing songs, sometimes not, we released a couple of EPs and recorded a LP which is almost ready to see the light of the world. We're just making some vague plans for the future, try to turn them into reality and do the best of everything. We like to talk shit, sleep a lot, go swimming, laugh, play with cats and do stupid stuff. Besides of that we developed a distinct picture of our music as a part of political actions and a way to explain our views. We are strictly rejecting racism, sexism, homophobia and supporting a drug free and straight-edge lifestyle.

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